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Warranty Policies

Products purchased via Aerial Freaks have a (30) day warranty from the date of purchase regarding manufacturer defects, flaws or faults. If you find that your item has an issue of any sort, please contact us for support, and we will be sure to resolve this matter right away.

Please note that any and all warranty related issues are based upon the item or item(s) at fault, and will not be associated in terms of credit, refunds or replacement in regards to ancillary items that have been affected by the faulty item, such as crash related damage. We regret any part failure, flaw or otherwise, and will fully support any item that is deemed faulty. However, Aerial Freaks cannot be held responsible for collateral damage of any other equipment, hardware of otherwise related to a part related problem or failure.

Return Policies

For all returns, Aerial Freaks offers a (30) day return guarantee for any new, unused item that has not been opened, assembled, mounted or otherwise. Items in need of return must be brand new, unused and within factory packaging. Any item not meeting this criteria cannot be accepted for return, as we need to maintain strict new / unused items for our customer base.
For all return related questions, please visit the "Contact Us" page, and we will assist you with the issue(s) at hand - thank you!

Privacy Policies

At Aerial Freaks, your privacy means everything to us. Regarding any information shared with us, such as email, address, phone numbers and payment info, this information will solely be used with Aerial Freaks, and no further. We do not share, sell or distribute any information provided to us, so rest assured - you are very safe with us.

Liability Policies:

At Aerial Freaks, we truly care about every customer purchase, and we will do our absolute best when it comes to assisting you with a purchase, helping you with product questions, and helping you choose the components for your kit. As with everything, there are limitations, and here are ours, listed below.

Aerial Freaks shall assume no responsibility for injury, crash damage, loss of kits, electronics, or other accessories during any aspect of radio controlled flight or otherwise. The end user shall be solely responsible for all final decisions with his/her parts selection, component setup, and final operation of kit at hand, and shall assume all risk & liability associated with the flight and or usage of the items purchased from Aerial Freaks.

RC aircraft, by nature of design, are very complicated and unpredictable, and therefore can be highly dangerous, and in rare cases, lethal. Due to high rotational speeds, payloads, altitude, weight, and other such aspects of flight, RC models can cause great harm when not flown properly - the safety of flight is within your hands, and your hands only.

It is the end users sole responsibility to establish all safety protocol when flying any RC related product, maintaining safety of himself/herself and all surrounding persons & property. Aerial Freaks shall assume no liability or responsibility for any injury, damage, or failure associated with the flight of any RC related item sold via Aerial Freaks, nor shall we assume any losses for such failures.